Day Trip to Whitby

Somehow I have not mentioned Whitby yet .. we had a very nice day trip there from York in October 2019 and will certainly visit again when we can. Whitby is a very popular spot for weekend visitors so I'd like to try a midweek day trip to enjoy a less crowded version of Whitby. With clear roads it's not too much more than an hour to drive from York via Pickering . We found our way to the huge car park near Whitby Abbey above the town. Parking fees a little annoying - 3 pounds for 2 hours (which would not be long enough), but then the next option was 7 pounds for up to 6 hours, nothing in between. So we paid the 7 pounds and headed towards town. We bypassed the Abbey which is run by English Heritage and has a 10 pound per adult entry fee. The nearby Church of St Mary is full of history and has no entry fee.     We already noticed it was kind of busier than we expected, and lots of people around the church were dressed up in old style clothing. What was going on? A quick Google


Walking Helmsley to Rievaulx Abbey

Walking at Scar House Reservoir


Aysgarth Falls